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Production process

The final quality of a Roman product is the result of a careful production process, from design, raw material selection, processing, manufacturing, testing and testing, packaging, transport and installation.

In Román, we carefully take care of the production process, applying the help of the technology, adding rigorous quality controls, carried out by qualified, so that our customers only take care of the most important part: The enjoyment of our products.

The selection of the raw material

In Román Carpintería Industrial, we rigorously select our wood. To do this, we acquire it directly from sawmills, and only use those that meet the highest standards of quality.

Our wood is laminated, thus increasing its stability guaranteeing the life of our products.

Drying and storage

In our facilities we have dryers of our own wood, where we obtain the optimum moisture level for each wood to work. Of the quality of the drying, the life and future conservation of the wood depends a lot.

In our warehouses we find a great variety of woods that satisfy all the demands of our customers.
Before manufacturing, the wood goes through a rigorous quality control: humidity, knots, mesh lines, etc.

Design and Start of Production Order

Staff with specific management systems, adapts the design chosen by our customers before beginning manufacturing. The design is sent to the different areas and machines for the beginning of the production.

Preparation and cutting of wood

A wood chipper is generated according to the need of each order, optimizing the use of wood to the maximum.

Milling and machining of parts

Our high technology machinery is adapted to any requirement or design required by our customers. The robotic centers generate milling and machining of high precision improving the completion of the pieces of wood and the operation of the systems of ironworks.


The assembly and the assemblies are elaborated by our personnel with automatic presses, using materials with high resistance and anti-humidity factor.
Careful sanding will be key code to excellent varnishing and finishing.


A varnishing system guaranteed and controlled by the multinational Akzo Nobel Coating, which grants us its seal Sikkens Long Life Fenster. Durability with a perfect finish.

The varnishing procedure consists of the following steps:
Impregnation with water-based dyes for wood protection.
Sanding and sealing of joints and tests with Kodrin WV products,
1st coat finish lacquer Sikkens Cetol WF955 Power Feed.
2nd Hand Finishing Lacquer Sikkens Cetol WF955 Power Feed


After 24 hours of finishing the varnishing, the seals and fittings are placed.
The hardware of each window is calculated and despeciada by means of a specific software to guarantee its correct capacity of load and durability.
Hardware orders follow the JIT process, with specific orders for each manufacturing order, without stock. Once placed in fitting, the opening is adjusted and the quality is controlled.


The glazing in our facilities allows us to offer the maximum guarantee of transparency in the windows of the windows. Each glass is cleaned and checked to verify its quality and absence of scratches or interior stains.

Packaging and transport

Each window is carefully packed to protect it during transportation and transfer on site.
In addition, each pallet is shrink-wrapped with UV-resistant film to prevent discoloration or changes of tone.