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Values and Principles

Corporate culture

Defines our identity as a COMPANY, and is formed by the MISSION, VALUES, STYLE AND GAME RULES.

It is established to ensure the coherence and uniformity of our actions, both internal and external, through an approach,
a model and a common language for all the people of the organization.


Statement that describes the purpose or rationale of an Organization.

Being a competitive and sustainable company, leader in Andalusia and growing presence at national level, with projection of leadership, in the manufacture of windows and doors, committed to the family, clients, employees and environment in general.We are characterized by the quality and the product design, cutting-edge technology used and the personalized service offered to our customers to meet their needs and expectations.


Concepts and expectations that describe behavior
of the Organization's people
and determine all their relationships.

Results Orientation, in a highly competitive market, results are essential to consolidate our commitment to service and quality.

Customer orientation, our customers’ satisfaction is our guarantee of the future, offering from a high capacity of response to their demands and needs, to an effective after-sales service.

Commitment, being faithful with the given word and in the effective fulfillment of our functions, acting with seriousness regarding the company, the people, the clients and the suppliers.

Dedication to reach the commitments, carrying forward any issue until achieving the best result. The works are left well finished.

Transparency Information: We seek that all people feel informed about their work and the progress of the Company.

Professionalism of the managers and employees, based on a solid training, the work experience and the responsibility in front of the work performed, looking for a good working environment.

Teamwork, integrating all the staff with the objectives of the area and the Company, and encouraging the participation of all workers for the transmission and exchange of knowledge and continuous training.

Respect to all the people who are in contact with the company, based on the principle of fair treatment, we value and consider the various functions and opinions that each one has, since this attitude allows to generate confidence in oneself and in others.

Exemplarity, because the behaviors of each, and especially those of the commands, are perceived by others and constitute an important element of motivation. The basis of moral authority is exemplary.

Initiative / Innovation / Creativity, because the entrepreneurial attitudes, the openness to change and the ability to anticipate the client’s needs generate the progress of the company and the professional development of the people.


It is the characteristic way that we establish for the management of the Company so that the Values ​​are concretized and become effective.

1. We always have established values ​​in place and we strive to fulfill them.

2. We deliver what we promise.

3. We listen actively and respect the opinions of others.

4. We promote the participation and implication of the people in the decision making, in the contribution of ideas and solutions.

5. We make communication open and fluid by seeking information transparency in all directions.

6. We drive concern for improvement, we favor the initiative, the contribution of suggestions and the creativity of the people.

7. We take care that the client identifies us as a professional company that acts concerned to generate the maximum value for them and that is sensitive to the evolution of their needs.

8. We recognize the achievements both individually and at the team level.

9. Commands are accessible, delegate, support and assume the responsibility of their subordinates, and strive to set an example at all times.

10. We maintain a correct, educated and diligent treatment between partners, customers and suppliers.

11. We expand our knowledge, share it, value others and strive to develop together.

12. We value and recognize quality in the performance of work, we do things well at the first and always.

Rules of the game

Rules that we give and that allow us
to function as a team.

Prevalence of common versus individual objectives.

The objectives are clear, ambitious, measurable, concise and achievable.

Recognitions of merits will be made publicly and corrections in person and in private.

We are punctual, we arrive at the sites at the agreed time and we do things at the promised or required time.

The organizational structure and channels are respected.