José Ignacio Benito

He was born in Madrid, but a few years later his family moved to Malaga where he currently works and lives with Rocío, his wife and their 3 children.

Shortly after finishing his studies in Architecture at the University of Navarra, he joined the N.T.S. Office, where he developed his professional skills in various residential projects on the Costa del Sol.

In mid-2005, he created GESTICO 29, a company specialized in the construction sector and which is governed by the following parameters, to give each client the best possible work for a specific site, under a specific needs program, but also trying to make it an emotional architecture, which allows the client to feel a satisfaction in the place where he develops his professional activity or his private life.

For reasons of generational replacement, at the end of 2008 and until today, he shares his functions as General Director of INVERSIONES FAMIBEGAR, SL. with the Manager of GESTICO 29.