Juan Salvador Shvartzberg Architecture

Juan Salvador Shvartzberg was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He moved to Spain on 1976, where he lived in Barcelona and from 1979 in Marbella. He graduated in Architecture in the National University of Buenos Aires.

In Marbella, he manages his own studio in Puerto Banús, creating and developing residential, turistic and sports & leisure projects on the area as well as some projects overseas.

The philosophy which inspires the projects is always the same, regardless of scale or size.  No detail is too small in its importance for the studio and a very special care and attention are given to the design in each particular element.  The most important basis of the studio’s philosophy are:

The integration of the project into the environment, in historical, geographical and cultural terms, and the close relationship between architect and owner, to be able to spend wisely the resources of time and money during the project.