About the hardware

It is difficult for me to close the sash of the window because it is slightly fallen, how do I solve it?

Lifting the leaf is simple, adjusting the hinges thanks to its adjustment hole. Follow the instructions in the user manual.

When turning the handle to close the window I see that it is very hard, what can I do?

You must regulate the pressure of the sash hardware with the frame strikers, to do this follow the instructions in the user manual.

The handle is loose, how do I fix it?

If the base of the handle is loose, it should be tightened. Follow the instructions in the user manual.

The handle of the handle has become loose, what do I do now?

Tighten the screw on the handle with the L key that you will find in our kit. Follow the instructions in the user manual.

My handles have corrosion pitting, how can I remove them?

It is usually frequent on handles with a gold finish exposed to constant humidity. Try to remove them with a metal cleaner. If this is not possible or you do not like the result, think about changing them for a gold Zirtanium or Chrome finish.

Roman Windows & Doors is not responsible for damage caused by misuse of this product or other damage that may occur in the attempt to remove corrosion.

The tilt-and-turn window sash has fallen off, how do I fix it?

Hold the latch of the espagnolette and take the leaf to its hole, then turn the handle to close. Follow the instructions in the user manual.

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About the varnish

The varnish is flaking, how can I repair it?

You must remove the scales, sand the surface and apply one coat of primer (stain) and two coats of lacquer. Follow the instructions in our maintenance guide for varnishes.

If the varnishing is in the guarantee period, you must tell us by calling our customer service. Otherwise, contact us to hire repair services. If you have problems with the repair, contact our customer service.

How should I clean the wood of the windows?

You must use the cleaner and protective milk that comes with the Maintenance Kit. You should clean them at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Follow the instructions in the general cleaning and maintenance guide.

How should I remove resin from my Pine windows?

First let it crystallize to later scrape them. Follow the instructions in our maintenance guide for varnishes.

How can I repair damage to the varnish such as scratches or bumps?

Follow the instructions in the general cleaning and maintenance guide.

Once the varnish is repaired, how long will it last?

It depends on several factors such as the orientation of the window, the climate, the color of the varnish, as well as the wood or the protection of the window from the sun’s rays. Follow the recolor chart in our varnish maintenance guide.

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About tightness and insulation

When it rains, water enters under the flashing of my window, or dampness appears on the wall, what can I do?

Check the external seal between the frame and the parameters of the work. Then check the condition of the joints between the pieces of wood. If everything is correct, the problem is the waterproofing of the window opening. To do this, you will need to talk to your builder.

There is a lot of noise coming in, even draft through my window, how can I fix it?

Check that the leaf is well closed, especially the passive leaf or second leaf and that its pin is completely thrown. The handle must be turned 90º for a good closure.

When it rains, water enters between the pieces of the balcony skirting, what do I do?

Check from the outside that the joint of the pieces is not open. You must seal it with neutral silicone or call our after-sales service if it is under warranty. These parts are guaranteed for 10 years.

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About the wood

What are the most recommended species for exterior carpentry?

In Spain most wooden windows are built with pine or iroko wood. The woods of the coniferous group such as Pine, have a good behavior in climates with a stable humidity throughout the year without dry seasons. Conifers are usually woods of little durability in the open, in addition to the problem of the exudation of the resin and its greater expansion. These problems make them less long-lived and need more maintenance of the varnish. Therefore, they tend to have better adaptation and use in the north of the country and not so recommended for the Mediterranean and center.

Conifers usually have their appeal in price and in their veining that makes them very attractive for rustic country houses. Within the conifers, the Oregon Pine and the Tea Pine are the ones that are best maintained and of the least, the Pine-Spruce.

Regardless of the species of conifers used, the wood must be laminated, without knots and with the correct degree of humidity.

Tropical woods are characterized by their greater durability to the outside and their absence of resins and knots. They have less expansion and less maintenance, although not all are suitable for all types of varnishes and paints.

The Iroko and Sipo are the usual and of greater density, although there are other light tropical woods, such as conifers, with a more competitive price.

Is Iroko always the best wood for windows?

The performance of Iroko wood (False Teka or African Teak) on the coastlines is excellent, with great durability to the outside. Performance in indoor climates with extremely dry summers causes stability problems so it should always be laminated. Varnishing is a point against this wood. The lack of homogeneity of the tones of the pieces makes them not recommended for transparent or light colors. Our recommendation is red woods such as Sipo or Sapelly for being oily woods of greater stability and having better dyeing.

Another issue that is decisive in the choice of wood carpentry for a project is its natural aging. In this case, we recommend opting for Afrormosia, a noble tropical wood of extraordinary beauty, durability and resistance. For example, if it is treated with oils, the wood will acquire as time goes by tonalities typical of the species, such as the typical grays or the detonified browns. Of course, without ceasing to be protected.

Is pine wood the most economical option?

No, there are currently light tropical woods with the same price as Pine, known as substitutes for Iroko.

And what aspects should I take into account to choose the best wood for interior carpentry?

To choose which wood to use for exterior carpentry, you just have to take into account if the grain and natural color of the wood, combines with the color we want to give to the product.

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About the crystals:

My crystals condense easily in winter.

Condensation is a phenomenon in which two factors intervene, the temperature of the glazing and the relative humidity of the air. The humidity of the air condenses on cold surfaces, and their relationship is direct. The lower the temperature in the glass, the less moisture in the air is necessary for condensation to occur. Thus, in a room with 60% relative humidity and a temperature of 21º, a single pane of glass will condense when the outside temperature is 8º, a double glazing at -4º and double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation at -20º.

How can I change a broken glass in my window?

You will need to remove the silicone seals and then carefully remove the inner reed. If you have problems with the repair contact our customer service.

Can scratched glass be repaired?

If the glass has been scratched, it can be repaired as long as the depth is less than the thickness of a nail. There are products for polishing glass in many hardware stores and DIY centers.

Román Windows & Doors is not responsible for damages caused by the misuse of these products or other damages that may occur in the attempt to eliminate scratches.

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About the management of works and facilities

What are the normal delivery times?

Our delivery times usually vary depending on the design and quantity. The normal thing is a period of 5 to 8 weeks for the delivery on site of the carpentry. For an exact term you must consult our sales representatives.

When are the windows installed?

Our technicians continuously monitor the evolution of the work and its condition. The ideal state for the assembly of the windows and interior carpentry is when the masonry work (tiling and flooring), plaster and perlite inside and at least two of paint on the wall (only in the absence of the last hand of color) has been completed.

The floors of the terraces must be finished, as well as some hand of paint on the outside or stone if you wear it.

How long does the installation of the windows take?

For a normal isolated single-family home, the assembly of exterior and interior carpentry is one week.

When should I order the pre-fences and what is the delivery time?

At the beginning of the enclosure of the structure, the preframes should be ordered, because the supply of these usually takes between 1 or 2 weeks. If your builder has started the enclosure, he must leave at least 5 cm on each side of the gap to receive the preframe later, plus the height of the blind drawer if he carries.

How do I know if a preframe is properly installed by my builder?

Our technicians review the placement and measurements of the preframes before the start of carpentry production. In the case of exterior carpentry you must contemplate the following:

Can I resize a window or door when the preframe is already installed?

Before the start of production, all carpentry units are measured and checked on site. Before the final measurement you can change the measurements, but you must let us know, and also your builder.

I want to change the existing carpentry in my house, do I need a builder for the masonry work?

Most of the dismantled units cause damage to the work walls such as breakage of tiles in bathrooms, chips on the walls, change of exterior tiles … Our team of installers have trained personnel to repair and finish these small masonry jobs. To give you an exact quote of the jobs you need, our technicians should visit your home.

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About Lasur varnish

How long could the varnishing of my window last?

Resistance depends on these factors:

To learn more about varnish strength, check with our customer service.

Is paint stronger than varnish? And what colors do you recommend?

The paint (opaque) is more resistant than the varnish (translucent), so we guarantee the varnish up to 6 years and the paint 10 years.

Are lasur varnish fumes toxic or dangerous in the event of a fire

No, they are water-based varnishes composed of elastic resins even with fireproof properties.

Can the tones vary between the pieces of carpentry?

It depends on the wood. The Iroko, the Framire and the Oak usually give more problems to equalize the tone of all the pieces, therefore, it is recommended to dye them from medium to dark colors.

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About the handles

Which finishes are the most recommended for their durability?

The brass finishes (gold) do not hold up well in the face of humidity and the action of sea saltpeter. The bites of these finishes in bathrooms, indoor pools or doors to the outside near the sea are very common.

Stainless steel or chrome finishes are usually the longest-lived, and those that suffer the least wear and tear due to their use.

For gold finishes, you should consider finishes with Zirtanio or PVD treatment, with a warranty of up to 20 years.

What model options do I have?

On our website you can see a wide range of handles with an excellent design and performance, although you can also indicate models of handles that you find well in some specialized shops.

Can I have the same handle model on windows and doors?

Yes, there are many models that are available for windows and doors of passage, with the same design and finishes.

Lo aconsejable es elegir primero la manilla de la puerta y luego ver si se dispone del modelo para la ventana.

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About the glass

How does the thickness of the interlayer of a laminated glass influence its mechanical resistance?

The resistance to breakage is not altered, however, in the event that it occurs, the interlayer is the element that delays and reduces the possibility of intrusion.

Is the resistance of a laminated glass equal to that of a simple glass?

The flexural strength of a monolithic glass is higher than that of a laminated glass of the same total thickness. The advantage of this second glass is that, even if it breaks, the interlayer keeps the fragments together, which continues to provide some security.

What kind of stress supports the glass of a window?

Basically, the push (or suction) of the wind. The method for determining these values ​​is indicated in the Technical Building Code and depends fundamentally on the geographical location, altitude and exposure.

How does the thickness of the chamber affect thermal insulation?

Thermal transmittance (U value) has an inverse relationship with thickness. As these increases, the transmission by radiation decreases, so the U value decreases. This is valid up to a chamber thickness of 15-18mm, after which the air currents created within it increase energy transmission.

How to select the thickness of the chamber in double glazing?

Regardless of the incidence of the thickness of the chamber in the U value, this must be related to the thickness of the glasses, their dimensions and surface, to guarantee a minimum separation between glasses at all times.

What advantage does the use of coated glass provide?

They allow better light and energy control, resulting in greater comfort and savings.

They can basically be divided into solar control (reflects energy), low emissions (reduces transmission/energy losses) and high-performance or selective glasses, which incorporate both functions. To achieve the low emission effect, these glasses must be mounted in double glazing.

Why does information appear with “U” values in Kcal/m2 ºC and in other cases in W/m2 K?

The “U” value expressed in Kcal is lower than that expressed in W, which appears to be superior performance, when it is not. The European Standards consider the “U” value (equivalence of the K value), in W/m2 K.

Is it true that a low-e glass provides more freshness in summer and more heat in winter?

A low-E glass, by itself, does not provide more heat in winter or colder in summer. Its main function is to prevent the energy generated inside (whether cold or heat), from “escape” to the outside, thus reducing energy consumption and, therefore, economic savings.

Is the position of the glasses important in double glazing?

In the case of incorporating coated glass (solar control, low emissions…) and despite generally not having great differences, the best performance is achieved with the appropriate position, and in no case can the coat go outside the glazing.

If the glazing has safety glass (laminated or tempered), this must also be taken into account.

How is condensation prevented?

Condensation is a physical phenomenon that depends on the existing ambient humidity and the temperature of the glass. Therefore, the circumstances for it to occur can always be given.

However, to reduce the risk, you can resort to the use of low-emission glass.

That make the inner glass of the double glazing stay at higher temperatures. This is only possible with double or even triple glazing systems.

How do you prevent discoloration from the sun?

Laminated glass reduces the passage of ultraviolet rays, which cause discoloration, by more than 95%. If you want to be practically 100% secure, you should use thicker PVB laminate.

When do you need to temper glass?

A glass with a high rate of energy absorption, under sun exposure, can reach significant temperatures. If the heating is not uniform – which is generally the case – differences in expansion can break the glass. Tempered glass admits greater thermal differences between nearby points, so it is a guarantee against this phenomenon.

This is something to consider when absorption exceeds 40%. Edge polishing reduces the risk, while the situation of partial shadows on the glass, the existence of nearby curtains, stickers, opacification, cold air currents, etc. They are situations that enhance it.

What effect does moisture have on glass?

In general, glass has a high resistance to the action of water and the atmosphere. However, under certain conditions, glass can be attacked, especially by alkaline solutions.

In stacked leaves, water can be introduced by capillarity, slightly attacking the surface with the result of a sodium solution that, in turn, will damage the glass. Thus, glass with moisture marks should be washed and dried before stored in a dry place.

What is light transmittance?

It is the percentage of light energy that is transmitted through the glass, with respect to the incident luminous flux.

What is light reflection?

It is the percentage of reflected light energy, with respect to the incident luminous flux.

What is the solar factor?

Relationship between the total amount of energy that enters through the glass, with respect to the incident. It is the sum of the direct solar transmission, plus that absorbed by the glass and irradiated to the interior.

What is energy absorption?

It is the percentage of solar energy that the glass absorbs and that generates an increase in temperature in it. This value is indicative of the risk of breakage due to thermal shock.

Can we make acoustic attenuation comparisons?

Laboratory measurements are made according to EN 140-3 for insulation to airborne noise (which is transmitted through the air). The weighted global values of sound insulation index are calculated according to THE EN 717 Standard and the results are expressed as follows:

  1. Insulation index to airborne noise Rw
  2. Weighted sound reduction index Rw (C; Ctr), being:


Rw + C = Weighted index of sound reduction to pink noise.

Rw + Ctr = Weighted index of noise reduction to traffic noise.

Therefore, we can say that the results thus obtained can be compared in their global values. However, the behavior and indices of different materials and compositions also depend on the frequency (Hz) of the noise to be attenuated.

Considering the existence of more than 25 double glazed trademarks, is there any difference between their characteristics and/or performance?

Equal compositions give rise to identical performance and the trademark never implies a differential reference of quality, which is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. Proof of this is that when a manufacturer decides to change trademarks, the quality of their products is not affected.

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