All The products of Román Windows & Doors are made with the materials and pieces of the highest quality on the market, strictly complying with all the applicable Community quality regulations (EN) and their CE markings.

We cover with a full year warranty all our products installed on site, including repairs or replacements of defective parts or components, without labor costs or travel for the customer.

Upon completion of the full warranty period, defective parts or components will be subject to a limited warranty.

For works of first occupation of housing, we guarantee the correct operation of the installation of carpentry on site during the time without use and the adaptation of the elements until the occupation of the house.

In addition, we have our own effective after-sales team and network of distributors, in order to help you whenever you need it.

These are our Warranty Documents:

Exterior carpentry Warranty





The registration of the guarantee and delivery of the documentation are made through our After-Sales Service or distributor, once completed and installed on site the entire carpentry project, through a welcome box, which in addition to containing the guarantees of the products manufactured, consists of the following articles:

  • Guarantees and Technical Data Sheets of Products
  • Wellness kit for cleaning and protection of varnishing, cloth and manual for application
  • Adjustment L wrench for hardware and handle regulation
  • Hardware oil
  • Varnishes and / or paints of the color chosen for the project, for reviews or small repairs
  • Maintenance manuals for correct use of the window
  • Guides for varnish maintenance


Do you want to extend your warranty? Or do you need a repair, but you don’t have it? Discover everything that our after-sales service can offer you After-Sales.