Every good story has a beginning, a first step, a protagonist and a dream to fulfill.
Do you want to know what were those of Román Windows & Doors?


During the decade of the 60s, José Luis Román, began to work as an apprentice at the age of 14 in the workshop of Ernesto Pimentel. There he learned and trained in the carpenter trade until the end of the 60s.


He partners with other carpenters,
until he decides to work on his own


In 1979, he opened his first carpentry workshop in an old farm, known as the “Granja de Navarro”: these are the first years of the company


Expansion and growth of the company from 1985, with new and modern workshops.  The first European profiles for windows are manufactured in Spain and work begins with the first   water-based Lasur varnishes


Moved by the growth experienced by the Costa del Sol, José Luis Román expands and diversifies his portfolio of clients, who have other needs. The current manufacturing plant is opened, located in the Paraje Puerto de Ronda, on the outskirts of the urban center of Casares. This increases the workforce, in addition to the introduction of new technologies. 

It is then that it begins to be known by the trade name Román Carpintería Industrial, where its star product predominates: European windows


The following years are one of growth, despite the economic crisis. We specialize in the high-level market sector, which demands a customized carpentry for your first or second residence.  We changed our logo, and changed the “Román Carpintería Industrial” to “Román Windows & Doors”, which is a cleaner image with more refined lines, focused on the international market that moves along the Costa del Sol


We opened our showroom in Marbella, with high quality products and unique design in the market. With a more consolidated commercial department, being in Marbella gives us the opportunity to know the real needs of our public and open our borders to other markets outside the Costa del Sol and Andalusia, exporting our service and products throughout Spain, Europe, Africa and the Middle East


Little by little, we are gaining presence outside Andalusia, so we decided to open offices in Madrid, to better serve our customers in the area.

After participating in 2017 at Casa Decor, we returned in 2019 and received the most important award given by this design and style platform. Our project was “Wood Work”, an Art Deco-inspired office, with paneled walls of palillería topped in a curved cornice of a single piece


We completely transformed our Marbella showroom, with a new design of the space and changed all the products with the latest trends and novelties. With much more presence outside Andalusia, we acquired in Madrid our own and definitive offices, with a warehouse of more than 400 m2 to make our showroom and a logistics center


Román Windows & Doors

The incessant, creative and innovative spirit of Román Windows & Doors is what pushes us to continue improving every day, betting on our R&D department, which designs and develops new solutions, both in architecture and design, seeking to adapt to the canons demanded by the market of today and the future.

This innovation will always go hand in hand with the artisan essence of our beginnings, which makes our work unique and turns our products into a true work of engineering and design.