Our products have not only been designed for excellent aesthetics and performance. They have also been manufactured and designed to have a long service life.

And for this, every product needs an adequate and correct use, in addition to minimum care so that its use and appearance remain perfect.

Following care instructions and with regular inspection and cleaning, you will save costly repairs in the future.

Here you will find all the guides for the correct use and maintenance of our products.

Maintenance Manual for Windows with standard hardware

Maintenance Manual for Windows with hidden hardware

Maintenance guide for opaque finishes (paint)

Maintenance guide for translucent finishes (varnish)

Wellness range for the protection of the Mader

Kit de mantenimiento

Incluimos un kit de mantenimiento de fácil uso para alargar la vida del producto.
Este Kit de Mantenimiento consta de:

  • Limpiador y leche protectora para el barnizado, paño y manual para su aplicación.
  • Llave L de ajuste para regulación de herraje y manilla.
  • Bote de aceite para herraje Manual de usuario para uso correcto de la ventana.
  • Guías para el mantenimiento del barnizado.