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Productos / Profiles / Perfil Climatrend IV68-HA Termoscudo

Perfil Climatrend IV68-HA Termoscudo

Designed for singular projects that are very demanding in the face of isolation and without causing discomfort to aesthetics. With this revolutionary concept, the profile certifies Passive House or Passivhaus standards, for achieving a thermal transmittance lower than 0.80 W / m²K.

The IV86HA Termoscudo system consists of an XPS polystyrene additive that is inserted between the wood and aluminum profiles. Thanks to this supplement, extremely low thermal transmittance values are achieved.

This Wood-Thermoscude-Aluminum system is the new technology for the most energy efficient window so far, allowing to significantly improve the insulation of the wood-aluminum window and reaching thermal transmittances of up to 0.70 W / m²K. Thus making possible a passive window from a wooden profile of 68 mm.

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Technical description

  • Laminated wood, sheet section 68 x 80 mm and frame 68 x 70 mm.
  • External profile made of extruded aluminum with a thickness of 17.5 mm, with a heat-sealed joint of 1.4 mm thickness and fixed to the wooden profile by detachable plastic clips with a thermal break function
  • XPS polystyrene system inserted between wood and aluminum for excellent thermal insulation
  • Double sealing gasket in sheet thermoplastic rubber
  • Maco Multimatic Air 12 hardware with security level WK1 and optional up to WK3; even safety strikes with 30mm base
  • Opening of microventilation included in all tilt-turn windows
  • Opening by lever lever in the passive sheets
  • Hinge with load capacity up to 130 kg. and hidden hinge option Maco Multipower with load capacity up to 150 kg
  • Fixing glass with glued glass technology
  • Sellado de vidrio a dos caras con goma de caucho termoplástica
  • Tratamiento Lasur Cetol WF952 Duraflex de la casa alemana Sikkens en color según la elección
  • Protección de juntas en V con Kodrin WV 470
  • • Pretaladro para fijación del marco de la ventana al premarco y a la obra mediante tornillo de acero galvanizado de cabeza cilíndrica de Ø6 mm, Spax Tstar plus, de 15 cm de longitud

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