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Climatrend Profile IV68

Solid, eternal and of permanent value. Wood is synonymous with a healthy life.

For the highest quality standards: due to its excellent physical characteristics, this window satisfies the special demands for an energy rating of type A.

Windows today as windows yesterday: listed buildings have their own special charm, which has to be valued and skillfully preserved. Authentically the smallest detail for carpentries that have characterized the building for decades, now with the most advanced technology for windows today.

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Technical description

  • Laminated wood, sheet section 68 x 78 mm and frame 68 x 78 mm.
  • Wooden glass with aluminum support.
  • Double sealing rubber thermoplastic rubber sheet.
  • Maco Multimatic Air 12 fitting with safety level WK1 and optional up to WK2; including safety markers with 30mm base.
  • Microventilation opening included in all turn-and-tilt windows.
  • Opening by lever folding on the passive sheets.
  • Hinge with load capacity up to 130 kg. and concealed hinged Maco Multipower option with load capacity up to 150 kg.
  • Fixing glass with glue technology.
  • Silicone double-sided glass sealing.
  • Treatment Lasur Cetol WF952 Duraflex from the German house Sikkens in color according to the choice.
  • Protection of V-joints with Kodrin WV 470.
  • Pre-drill for fixing the window frame to the pre-frame and to the work by means of galvanized steel screw of cylindrical head of Ø6 mm, Spax Tstar plus, 15 cm in length.

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