Blue Spot

360º Barcelona

In the marina of Barcelona Hola! there is the restaurant and it offers one of most stunning views across Barcelona. It’s located at the end of the Paseo Juan de Borbón, behind the Desigual building. It’s on an eighth floor, so you can see the whole city. On the one hand the sea and the W hotel in front, and behind Barcelona. One thousand square meters of surface with the kitchens in the center and spectacular 360º views over the city and the sea.

Blue Spot belongs to the En Compañía de Lobos group and Shakira and Gerard Piqué also participate as partners. The place is magnificent. The project is the work of Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, who also created another of the most successful restaurants of the business group, the vegetarian The Green Spot. In Blue Spot he has done an exquisite job both in the interior space, which has a bar with its own menu, as in the two interior dining rooms and on the different terraces.

Modern, very diaphanous, wood everywhere, including enclosures, manufactured by Román Windows & Doors … a huge bar where you see how they cook … a luxury. And the best thing about Blue Spot, apart from the design and the views, is the atmosphere! It is a trendy place and is always full.

The cuisine of the restaurant is Mediterranean and its strength is fish, how could it be otherwise, taking into account its location.

The restaurant has two environments, day and night. At night the Blue Spot will become the Blue Monkey, a kind of club in which the night will be extended with cocktails and music.

Isay Weinfeld