Cortijo Los Naranjos

A Rustic Charming Farmhouse

The owners of this farmhouse located in Medina-Sidonia, kindly open their house and invite us to know it.

That it was an old house didn’t intimidate them and they rebuilt it using original materials, giving it its original touch, recovering the splendor of the past construction to create a typical Andalusian farmhouse that transports us to past times.

Rustic charm that was achieved thanks, in part, to the recovery of the original floors, objects, demolition materials and the new exterior pine carpentry manufactured by Román Windows & Doors, perfectly executed and with the current benefits, but retaining the classic farmhouse aesthetic of yore. All these elements make up the bulk of architecture and rustic decoration: gates, bars, stairs, clay jars, furniture, beams …

We enter the entrance courtyard through a wrought iron gate and receive two bougainvillea full of flowers and a cobbled ground leads us to a large orange tree and more fruit trees. A staircase that presides over an imposing palm tree takes us inside the house.

It has a large living room, with antique furniture, the original clay floor and many windows where the light enters. The other rooms of the house follow the same aesthetic line. The result after the restoration work shows us a very flirtatious estate. And it is that the old building has become a stately country house.

Going through the doors of the estate takes us to a small complex of buildings that are organized around interior courtyards, a typical construction of the houses in the area, whose origins date back to Roman houses, first, and to Arab constructions later.

The assembled fences that we found in the windows of the whole property, have been recovered and restored.

Another patio with olive, orange and lemon trees leads us to two apartments attached to the main house, which the owners have named Casa Naranja and Casa Limón, and serve as guest houses. With beautiful wooden windows painted in a vivid blue indigo, which give joy and freshness to the whole house.

Every corner of this farmhouse gives off a special charm, which makes us not want to leave here.

Medina-Sidonia, Cádiz
Arnout Schaaij