Mare Nostrum

Intense Mediterranean and crystalline light. Emare is a residential complex conceived from the premise of its privileged location facing the sea. The architecture opens towards the horizon by eliminating visual barriers that transmit to the inhabitant the sensation of floating on the water.

The sea is intuited from the access to the whole, but it is through the houses when it is discovered. After the rotundness of the access facades, the lightness of the terraces’ platforms, which, seen from the sea, read a continuity between the buildings, is contrasted.

Luxury is conferred by the breadth of living spaces, permanently flooded with light, and where the interior and exterior come together in one area.

The harmonious consonance of housing materials gives it a special character. Facing the snowy white of the walls, the light oak wood of doors and paneling transmits a cozy warmth and gives the rooms a neutral and serene elegance, thanks to the purity of the forms.

When the blue of the sky and the sea melts and fills everything, nothing else is needed. Just recreate in the wonderful spectacle that nature gives us.

Estepona, Málaga