Las conchas

An Andalusian Resort

If we were blindfolded before arriving at this finca, when entering for the first time, we might think that we are in one of the best luxury resorts in Marbella, but we stop for a moment and what we see is a majestic garden surrounded by fountains, squares, terraces, a huge pool crossed by a bridge and even a bar inside it. It is neither more nor less than the wonderful exterior shared by two villas.

The two villas are at the height of the exterior. A large window of palillería and semicircular arches surrounds the entrance door of the main villa. Exterior carpentry in wood lacquered in green on the outside, and wenge on the inside. Doors with white lacquered moldings and smooth varnished in wenge. A very cozy interior decoration, to stay and live.

The estate belongs to a Norwegian family who decided to make the house of their dreams with all the luxury of details, entertainment and unimaginable comforts. A great family home to spend the best vacation of your life.

Estudio JRW Arquitectura

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