Masterworks Ibiza by Caledonian

Architecture of modernity and Ibizan tradition

Successful dialogue between modernity and tradition using elements of typical Ibizan architecture in this house northeast of the island. The farm is located in a rural area of ​​the island, in a land surrounded by pine trees and olive trees, overlooking the sea.

The synergy achieved in this project between owner, interior designer and architect has allowed to develop an innovative style that exudes personality and good taste.

The project recreates a distribution in basic modules of the Ibizan type with a stone wall that acts as a groundbreaking element.


An open room from side to side, with large windows that achieves the effect of intermediate space. It can be a winter or summer room, with a large dining room with walls lined with white-varnished wooden slats.


Large folding sliding wooden slats to remake spaces as we please. Rooms with doors that are confused and hidden between the wooden panels.


The result is a large warm and comfortable space in winter, and in summer, it becomes an almost exterior room, well ventilated and without artificial energy input. Undoubtedly, this effort to provide the house with environmental comfort without resorting to aggressive technological systems: south facing to receive the greatest contribution of natural light; eaves and facade openings designed to enhance direct solar radiation in winter and attenuate it in summer.

Lime, stone and wood: three natural and classic elements in the Ibizan architecture that, in this house has been used in a totally different way.

Studio MK27