Sotoalto 77

A Unique Home

Located in Sotogrande, this house shows us a complicated style to catalog.

It is a building where no clear aesthetic line has been followed, therefore we could define it as a unique home, because it has a very personal style.

On the outside, the brick walls stand out on the white of the façade, and between brick and brick, a pergola with beams perfectly fitted between its gaps. The front door is totally different from what we have seen so far. A entrance door lacquered in chocolate brown, with shutter and the most special thing is its profile, which is zig-zag.

Inside, with mud floors, we find ceilings with lattices that seem to float between the beams. A gallery of doors of passage of a design of doors of smooth ceilings with horizontal slats and other doors no less special, of lattices that reminds us of the brick facades that are on the outside.

Sotogrande, Cádiz