Taberna patio de los leones

A tabern with power: Pure essence 100% Spanish

In the most emblematic area of the capital, in front of the Puerta de Alcalá, in 1 Serrano Street, is Patio de Leones, this cosmic-cañí tavern, as it is presented, which pays homage to the most traditional Madrid.

The place is located just in the Plaza de la Independencia and is the ideal meeting point for a friends meeting. The classic site that everyone likes because it is at the center of everything.

Beyond the comforts that this implies, Puerta de Alcalá has a special meaning for Patio de Leones, because since for 125 years it was the bullring of the city of Madrid (between 1749 and 1874). That is why the flavor and authenticity of the time are present before entering inside.

In Patio de Leones we find a “reinvented” tavern full of winks to Spanish tradition in general and Madrid in particular. Each corner of the place will make you shout ‘Olé’ when you discover it, and the famous interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who signs this project, has created an atmosphere that perfectly captures the “surreal and picturesque magic” of our culture. Helped by the artist Sergio Mora, who has carried out the decoration of the hand-painted tiles, they have gotten that every tile, folkloric poster, sculpture and piece of furniture breathe our constant festive spirit. The exterior carpentry of the space, created by Román Windows & Doors, also has, as it could not be otherwise, the same power and passion of the spectacular 100% Spanish decoration. With a classic palillería and a vibrant red painted by brush, which reminds us of the barrier of a bullring, and inside, the arena, where everything happens: our desire to enjoy life. And that is precisely what Patio de Leones goes about: Enjoy.


Lázaro Rosa-Violán