The wave house

The Wave House

This is the first housing of the promotion that has been built in the Monterromero Urbanization, in Cala de Mijas. In the design of this house, the design and sustainability criteria established according to the Passivhaus certification have been followed.

A wall accompanies the entire route in the house, it is the only element that breaks the orthogonal geometry in the project. Its direction points to the opening of the landscape and crosses the entire house, highlighting its uniqueness.

The continuous roof plane that since from the entrance is gently taking height, opening towards the landscape. The ground planes, the slopes, are consistent with this spatial opening to the south.

In 2018 the Certified Passive House has been granted to the house.

The main idea is based on a space axis with a North-South direction that extends towards the landscape. This axis constitutes the organizing element of the space. This experience of discovery begins at the Entrance to the north, through a journey in a north – south direction, the landscape opens before our eyes.

The Entrance is a very limited and limited space, as if we were inside a cave, heading south, in the distance, we perceive a photo that frames the landscape. As we walk the landscape opens before our eyes.

In a Passivhaus house located on the Mediterranean Coast it is very easy to meet the standard since we are not in an extreme climate, and as a benefit, we obtain a house that consumes only 15% of a traditional house, in addition to comfort and comfort. indoor air quality, which are assured.

For a home to become certified as Passive House, the elements that compose it must be within the same standards, so the enclosures are one of the most important points to consider. And in this case, Román Windows & Doors has been responsible for carrying out the carpentry of this house and the IV68HA profile has been used, made of Red Pine wood with aluminum outer profile, and double glazing with laminated glass and low emissivity.

Mijas Costa, Málaga
Cacopardo Arquitectos