Villa en Konsvinger

Nordic Spirit

We travel to Norway to know this magnificent villa. Located in Konsvinger, a town that borders Sweden. Surrounded by lush nature, a river and a lake. A typical print of what we imagine for a Scandinavian postcard.

The farm consists of the main house, guest house, pool house, warehouse house and garage. Everything here is great, and the surrounding landscape is overwhelming.

As we know, the Nordic countries do not enjoy an easy climate to live that we say; 24 hours of light for several months a year and about 24 hours of darkness during many others.

If we add to this the low temperatures and the snow, we will understand that to counteract these harsh conditions, special emphasis is placed on designing houses as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

Wood is the star material to reach the desired comfort. And it is logical, because in the Scandinavian countries there is a great tradition of using this material, given the easy access they have always had. In addition to being an autochthonous, economical material that is found in abundance, the wood insulates from the cold and saves a lot on heating due to its high energy efficiency.

The wood conserves the heat creating cozy and efficient spaces, so it has become the basis of construction in the Scandinavian countries, and fortunately, more and more in Spain and the rest of Europe.

For enclosures, entrance doors, windows and folding doors, which must be very tight, and perfectly isolate from frost and snow, the profile IV90 has been used.

Another feature to consider in Scandinavian architecture is the importance of light. It is vital that the houses are well oriented, so that all windows allow to pass as much natural light as possible.

The interior with high ceilings and with a lot of natural oak, both in doors, cabinets and even the floors complete this estate, where although it is very cold outside, inside you feel warm home.


Konsvinger, Noruega
JRW Arquitectur