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Information about our warranty

All Román W&D products are made with the highest quality materials and parts on the market, complying strictly with all applicable EU quality standards and their CE marking.
We cover all our products installed on site with a full year warranty, including repairs or replacement parts or
defective components, with no labor costs or travel for the customer.

Once the total warranty period expires, a defective part or component will be subject to a limited warranty.

What does it mean to you?

From the installation of carpentry to the first occupation of the house, there is a period of time without use and adaptation of the wood elements to the environmental conditions of the house.
Román guarantees a correct operation, for the use and enjoyment of your carpentry.

In addition, we have an own effective after-sales team and network of distributors, in order to help as long as you need it.

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Warranty Registration

The registration of the guarantee and delivery of the documentation are made through our after-sales service or distributor once the installation of the carpentry is finished. Along with the delivery of the guarantees, you will be given the maintenance kit as well as the user and care manuals.