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Every installation or replacement of windows in a project is different. Get the maximum security of a correct installation with our own team of installers, in charge of placing our products in the maximum detail.

Advantages of our installation service:

  • Installation by a team of experts from the company or official distributors.
  • Monitoring and measurement of the work in coordination with other trades
  • We know your project, we know exactly all the details we need to manufacture.
  • After-sales service in the event of any problems.
  • One year of total guarantee, without cost of displacement or labor.

Integral Window Replacement Service (IWRS)*:

Install quality windows, easier than ever. If you want to change the windows of your current home, we offer our comprehensive window replacement service (SIV), including the following services:

* Prior study and verification on site that no major works are required. **Paint to be supplied by the owner.

Thanks, but I do not need installers:

To do this you must follow our advice in order to achieve a suitable installation:

  1. Read and Follow Installation Instructions, especially on sliding windows.
  2. Place the products vertically and check the opening, as well as the size of the well where it will be installed.
  3. Once placed in the gap, check the alignment of the window by fitting it correctly with the help of wedges or special fasteners.
  4. Attach the frame to the pre-frame by screwing from the outside edge perpendicularly and then covered by the flashing. You can also fix the window through the inside of the frame in the hollow of the strike, using the latches as elements to cover the screw.
  5. Insulate the interior of the cavity between the window frame and the opening, with polyurethane foam.
  6. Seal the exterior of the joint between the frame and the work, with neutral silicone.
  7. If the window is flush with the interior face, you must place the architraves, and if it is between walls, moldings or half canes for the union of the window and the window sill. Check its coupling to the wall, if there are cavities by unevenness of the wall, seal them.
  8. Place the handle (if not factory installed) and some protection against damage during construction.
  9. Check the quality of the opening and adjust the fitting if necessary.
  10. Finish the possible holes for fixing the architraves with wax. (Supplied by the windows).
  11. Protect, if is necessary, the window with a plastic during construction.