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Planning and Budget

When the customization's degree of the design required by a project is superior to the standard product range in the market, Roman W&D products and services can offer you the solution.

The Products and Services department of our company is made up of designers and project technicians who provide solutions, design advice and project management for even the most complex tasks.

Our project experts are specialists in managing and managing projects from start to finish, offering unprecedented service along the way. Each project only assumes that their needs will be met and that the finished product will be done without problems.

Our mastery of all stages of the process means a fast and effective service in design prototypes and budgets, and fast in turn, to respond to the programming and delivery of your project - especially - with products of exceptional quality that are backed by the strength of the Roman W&D brand.


Budgets without commitment. Before asking for a quote for your project, and to obtain a more accurate price to your needs and to be able to compare better with other companies, we recommend the following:
Study all the options and accessories that we present on our website: wood, glass, security systems, varnishes, handles, shutters….

  • Let us advise you by technical-commercial equipment and comment your needs and concerns.
  • Ask for an alternative price for the options and accessories you are interested in.
  • If desired, ask for technical details and product quality certificates.
  • Find out about delivery times, terms of payment and guarantees.

Our technicians and computer applications adapt the desired design in a budget with all the details.
What information do you need to prepare my budget?
For the preparation of a budget, we will need the following data:
If it’s a new work or reform with project we thank you the following details:

  • Carpentry elevation plane.
  • Floor Plans.
  • Floor elevations (optional).
  • Architect’s memory of qualities.

If you do not have these details you can give us the following information:

For the exterior carpentry:

Measures, shape and opening of windows.

Type Profile IV68 (wood, classic or standard, or wood-aluminium).

  • Species of wood.
  • Translucent Varnish or Opaque Lacquer.
  • Type of glazing and level of security.
  • Hardware (standard or safety) and Handle (at least the finish).
  • Accessories options such as roller blinds or shutters.
  • Installation and transportation service.

For the interior carpentry:

  • Type of Door (Solid, Plywood or Pantographed).
  • Sheet measures.
  • Species of wood (except pantographed).
  • Design of doors.
  • Finishing of lacquering or lacquering.
  • Handles (at least the finish).
  • Desired accessories.
  • Finishing, distribution of the interiors of cabinets.

If you want to change the existing carpentry, our advice is an appointment with the technicians in the house, to study all the works of disassembly and assembly, the adaptation of the new elements to the existing spans and necessary masonry trim. Otherwise may appear items not included in the budget or extra expenses of other trades.

We give light to your ideas

3D Studio

Do you need help deciding on a design? Thanks to the new technologies we give light to your ideas, our technicians will detail with a 3D simulation a design proposal so that the decisions are taken with greater security. These tools are very useful for: