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Post-Sales Service

Román manufactures windows and doors of superior quality, therefore we also offer you quality assistance if you need help with some of our products. We are always in the hands of our products and the people who use them.

For more information about our guarantees, click on WARRANTY or write to us postventa@romanclavero.es

Do you want an extension of the product warranty? Long-Life service, our pro-active after-sale.

The longevity and optimum performance of our products over time is our most appreciated value.

In the Long-Life service, we take care of our products through preventive maintenance, which extends the useful life of windows and their accessories, considerably reducing the number of incidents resulting from normal operation, continuously checking the perfect condition of the varnishing systems and opening of the hardware, and offering the customer a priority service at all times.

The Long-Life service is an extension of the guarantees with a maintenance service and periodic review by our after-sales team.

Our technicians will remind you of the next revision of your windows so that they are always new, without worries.

ADVANTAGES for the owner are visible:

  • Periodic maintenance arranged in order to prevent possible incidents.
  • Extension of the guarantee of hardware components and handles from 2 to 5 years.
  • Extension of the guarantee of the glazing of 5 to 10 years.
  • Full varnishing guarantee throughout the contract period.
  • Original spare parts.
  • Prolongation of the useful life of the products.
  • Direct telephone service with our technicians.
  • No travel or labor costs for the service.
  • Interventions by specialist technicians trained by ROMÁN.
  • Priority and speed in service.

An annual fee, which includes a comprehensive review of windows, including the following SERVICES:

  • Varnish, application of cleaning and maintenance products, to revive the colors and the duration of the protective lacquer.
  • Repair of scratches and bumps not included in the warranty.
  • Check the condition of the paint and repair if necessary.
  • Review of the quality of the opening and its fittings, regulating them if necessary.
  • Handle review: fixing and finishing condition.
  • No travel or labor costs.
  • Logbook of incidences as services applied to your windows.
  • Our Long-Life varnishing maintenance service is underwritten and guaranteed by Sikkens and its Long-Life Fenster program.

CONCLUSIONS to consider:

  • Always perfect windows and doors, without worries.
  • TOTAL WARRANTY against scratches and bumps in the varnishing, corrosion of fittings, necessary parts and materials and all travel expenses.
  • Lower overall cost compared to sanding and repairing varnishing of all windows without minimal maintenance.
  • Much less cost than changing your windows after years without maintaining them for new ones and avoid possible works.

For more information about our guarantees, click on WARRANTY

Is your product
under warranty?

If your carpentry is under Román W&D warranty, the after-sales service responds to the call of the problem and will attend to you as soon as possible, assuming all the client’s needs.

For more information about our guarantees, click on WARRANTY.

Do you need repairs in your carpentry already out of warranty?

It is offered to former Roman W&D customers or clients with good quality woodworking that can maintain good performance after repair.

This service ranges from the repair of varnished surfaces damaged by impact or abrasion, the recovery of tones damaged by the passage of time, the elimination of burns or stains on the film of the varnish, until the general cleaning of the varnishing, for those surfaces in good condition.

The procedures to be performed consist of:

  • Remove any signs of damage from the surface.
  • Scrape manually with a suitable material eliminating any trace of existing previous paint.
  • Covering cracks, crevices and voids with special Sikkens Kodrin product that when dried, melts with wood and forms a single body.
  • Removing the silicone seal from the glazing and the frame seal with the wall.
  • New sealing of glass and facings.
  • First hand Sikkens dye, fine-sponge sanded and second hand Sikkens varnish.
  • Regulation of fittings of each element.

Once the intervention services are finished, the customer will be studied an alternative maintenance plan for the maintenance of finishes and thus reduce the cost of future repairs.

If you want more information or an appointment to analyze a project, you can contact after-sales service, Long-Life Service at: