We are a competitive and sustainable company, leader in Andalusia and with a growing presence nationwide. With leadership projection in the manufacture of windows and doors, and with a human team very committed to the family, customers, employees and our environment.

We are characterized by the quality and design of the products, the state-of-the-art technology used and the personalized service offered to our customers to meet their needs and expectations.

Our view

Our goal is clear: we want to consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the sector, and that is precisely where we are headed. We work to go further, to improve our processes, always at the forefront of novelties and improvements in terms of design, quality and materials. And with a vision always focused on achieving the best quality in our manufacturing and customer service.


Results orientation

Our results consolidate our commitment to service and quality.

Customer orientation

The satisfaction of our customers is our guarantee of the future.


To be true to our word and fulfill our work, to make your project a reality.

Dedication to our work

With the purpose of fulfilling the proposed commitments.

Informative transparency

We are clear and direct with the information about our company.


With a solid base of training and a work experience in constant improvement.


We encourage participation and value the exchange of knowledge and opinions


We actively listen to and respect the opinions of others


We act as we want others to do, from any position in the company.

Initiative / Innovation / Creativity
Three basic pillars to anticipate customer needs and always be at the forefront.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility actions are the reflection of our concern for the environment and society in which we live, differentiating ourselves as a sustainable company. We contribute our grain of sand with our principles and our work philosophy, focused on respect for the environment (with our measures for the responsible use of resources) and in the search for efficient solutions to solve our needs (as in the construction of Passivhaus)


All these years of emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, together with the action of the human being on the planet, have resulted in the well-known climate change.

To mitigate its effects, we must start by becoming environmentally aware and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, the main cause of global warming.

We are aware of our responsibility as a company that consumes natural resources, which is essential and a matter of urgency, to make good use of the materials that nature offers us, causing the least environmental impact.

As an environmentally responsible company, we innovate and collaborate to achieve economic growth and achieve our ultimate goal of sustainability and global environmental safety.

How does Román Windows & Doors help the environment?

Responsible and equitable use of natural resources: our raw material is wood and its derivatives. As we all know, trees are most responsible for CO2 absorption. Indiscriminate logging and forest fires produce deforestation and desertification of the planet, contributing to global warming.

To mitigate these effects, we use timber from controlled logging and reforestation forests, with FSC and PEFC certifications. These two types of certifications aim to ensure that environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management has occurred.

By consuming certified wood products, we ensure that it comes from responsible and sustainable production.

Reuse of our surplus wood: wood, since we obtain it at source, has a machining and manufacturing processing until finally becoming one of our products. From all this process, there are some leftovers that we process to give it another life, turning them into pellets, a 100% renewable fuel. It is a class of biofuel, made only with sawdust and chips, which has become the most ecological and cheapest alternative on the market, with many benefits compared to other biofuels. Lower CO2 emission, less ash than firewood, 40% cheaper than diesel, amortization in 4 years, high calorific value and great durability.

Recycling of all our materials: in our manufacturing plant we carry out recycling on a regular basis for many years. The surplus of small pieces of wood are reused to make the process of laminating and “finger joint”, a technique of optimal use of wood that consists of the longitudinal assembly of two pieces of solid wood or material derived from wood, recognized as the most stable method. It is applied to produce very long pieces of wood or to cut ugly knots or fissures that reduce stability. We also have special machines dedicated to this process, such as a presser for cans and metal objects. Special vats for recycling paper and cardboard, and recycling of glass, as well as a specific suction network for chips and sawdust, which is then processed into pellets.

Network of suppliers and collaborators in sustainable harmony: being a sustainable company leads us to all our processes being sustainable, as well as all the materials we use for the manufacture of our products. Therefore, our network of collaborating companies and suppliers of materials share the same philosophy. For example, we use water-based varnishes that offer sustainable solutions for the protection and decoration of all wooden elements, as well as the rest of the components, which have implemented in their factories the cleanest processes in the world, and operate in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

For more information, see our sources:  Acciona.com, Sostenibilidad.com, Fsc.org, Pefc.es

The Passivhaus standard:
Houses for the future

The Passivhaus standard (known as “passive houses”) is a construction concept to achieve energetically efficient buildings, with high comfort and energy savings between 70% and 90% compared to traditional buildings.

The main objective of passive houses is to obtain high levels of interior comfort while maintaining a very low energy consumption, thus contributing to significant savings in the energy bill.

Passivhaus is based on design criteria that allow the use of energy and natural light during the winter and the minimization of the solar incidence during the summer. At the same time, the high technical and constructive demands contribute to the excellent thermal conditioning by conserving all the heat absorbed in winter and dissipating it in summer.

The criteria followed by this building model are very clear and are based on these 5 pillars:

The concept of nearly zero energy consumption buildings (NZEB) approved by the European Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings, makes the Passivhaus standard not in the future, but in the present for an environmentally friendly, healthy, comfortable and sustainable building model